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Be A Warrior by Author Haley Silk

| February 8, 2020

I highly recommend Alison for Energy Healing. I contacted her to help me deal with a past trauma and physical pain in my left hip. I had no expectation of what I might see or feel during these sessions and I was fascinated by the colours and visuals I experienced. Alison is very knowledgeable and […]

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Loss and Bereavement

| November 26, 2019

Being grounded after bereavement to have a sense of safety and security. I’ve been going to see Alison for over a month now for energy healing and Aromatherapy massage.My partner died in February and its been very tough. Having healing has been good for me,I’m feeling more calm etc plus the aromatherapy massage is relaxing.

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| July 29, 2019

ANIMAL HEALING Energy Healing at the Royal Navy Royal Marines riding stables. Clyde a horse who has found his forever home with a very caring person. Various veterinary tests have not revealed anything.However there appears to be a reject before I’m rejected behaviour in place.Clyde has had 5 previous owners.During this session a lot of […]

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Testimonial Emotional resilience and Mental wellbeing-Sarah

| April 14, 2019

“I recently had more treatment with Alison and wanted to say I cannot recommend her highly enough, her energy healing treatment and aromatherapy massage with healing are both superb and have had a huge impact on my well-being, emotional resilience and sense of centre. She is a very sweet strong empathetic woman and I do […]

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ANIMAL HEALING testimonial Judith and Smudge

| May 27, 2018

ANIMAL HEALING testimonial from Judith: “ Just over 2 months ago I contacted Alison with a rather different request. I had been searching around for somebody to treat our beloved cat who was unwell, without any success in finding anyone who would carry out reiki on cats, I remained determined to continue my search. I […]

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Testimonial: HEMIPLEGIC MIGRAINE and ANXIETY Louise Brumpton

| February 17, 2017

I’m a hemiplegic migraine and anxiety sufferer, and a few energy healing sessions with Alison has transformed my health and happiness. I have learned to listen to my body and trust my intuition. The migraines and anxiety have all but disappeared too! I really recommend trying a session if you feel you need a helping […]

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Testimonial BEREAVEMENT STRESS Belinda Moyle

| September 17, 2016

I started having Energy Healing massage when my Mum was very ill and I was quite stressed. I came away feeling relaxed and calm and slept well for the first time in months. I found that I was better able to deal with a very sad and emotional situation. I went back to Alison about […]

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Energy Healing and Aromatherapy Massage in Plymouth

| March 20, 2014

Energy Healing “Miss Guest said she works by placing her hands not on a person, but on the “energy field above the physical body”. “Energy Healing focuses on realigning the human electromagnetic field, which is known to fall out of sync during times of imbalance,” she said. “These imbalances can manifest themselves as various symptoms […]

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Energy Healing

| February 13, 2014 | 1 Comment

It was really good to attend this event, to hear about other people’s passions and have the opportunity the raise awareness about the benefits of Energy Healing.

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