Energy Healing

The human energy field sets the foundation for the physical body. These energy levels are scientifically known as electromagnetic fields set their own frequencies. Energy healing works to unveil blockages within these systems which can manifest in more recognisable parameters of the physical, emotional and mental body such as ill health. The rebalancing of these fields are fundamental to well being and therefore one of the most valuable therapies available.

Whilst training in various massage disciplines, I discovered an ability to see, hear and feel energy. Following this, I decided to focus my work predominantly in the field of energy healing, expanding consciousness and raising awareness. Energy Healing focuses on realigning the human electromagnetic field, which is known to fall out of sync during times of imbalance. These imbalances can manifest themselves as various symptoms of ill-heath. It is important that this energy field works in harmony with the natural universal field in order for an individual to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

During my experience, I have helped people to achieve some amazing health results. Reviews from clients include:


”After a course of healing I honestly couldn’t believe the results and the feelings I experienced whilst having the healing. I had been suffering quite badly with severe migraines and since the treatment I’ve not had one. (3 years clear now) I sleep better and my menstrual cycle is now regular for the first time in my life! ”


”Before my healing treatment I was diagnosed with under active thyroid, for which I was blood tested every 3 months because my levels were so up and down I had symptoms of fatigue and insomnia. Following my five healing treatments I had a completely normal blood test result for my thyroid for the first time in five and a half years since diagnoses and now my GP doesn’t need to see me for 12 months and I’m also free from insomnia and fatigue thank you Alison and I recommend you to others.”


”I started going to Alison for healing therapy as I suffer from PND and noticed a dramatic improvement in my mental health within a few treatments. During treatments I felt peaceful and at ease. As healing is holistic I noticed unrelated ailments also improved; my lower back was no longer in chronic pain and a long standing condition of bletharitis cleared up. Alison has an amazing gift and I strongly recommend her to others.”