Holistic Massage

holisticFull body holistic massage or Back, Neck and Shoulders massage.

Holistic massage is a person centred treatment aiming to restore balance within the body.
Holistic massage can be combined with Energy Healing.


Reviews from clients include:
Steve Hood

“Full healing and Holistic massage treatment in a comfortable environment, Ali brings a positive energy to you from the moment she opens the door. I have an genetic illness called Hereditary Spasticity Paraparesis that causes me all over body pain, fatigue and muscle spasms. Since starting treatments with Ali the muscle spasms have stopped and the aches and pains have alleviated so much i can now get a decent nights sleep. Migraines and stress headaches are a thing of the past. I have also cut down my use of prescribed painkillers to a minimum, something which helps me get on a lot better in day-to-day life. I would, and quite often do recommend regular visits to Ali to help with any ailments and to lift you back up from feeling down.”