about me

Alison is a Shamanic Energy Healer and aromatherapist. She has a natural ability with healing and is able to upgrade the human energy field. She has been taught direct by Spirit. The activation of this ability followed a profound experience in which she had a visit from the spirit world and the natural elements.

This appeared before her as lightening, the energy field which was viewed as heavy rain, a flash of light and a sphere. After this encounter she was able to see the energy field that we live in and energy within it including the energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body. 

Since this initial experience Alison has received further development from the spirit world. She has  dedicated her time to honing these skills so that she can teach others the importance of understanding the role that the energy field plays in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

She believes that her own experiences and life lessons have led her onto this path, as this spiritual understanding has played a fundamental role in her own healing journey. She is passionate about continuing to spread this knowledge and wishes to help people understand themselves at a deeper level.

Many people book appointments for different reasons. It could be for a proactive approach in preventative healthcare or after a recent health crisis, needing help and support to maintain general health, needing rebalancing for any mental, emotional or health reasons or to restore a more relaxed and calm feeling to the nervous system.

No matter which treatment you choose, the purpose will always be to raise your vibration, clear any imbalances, restore homeostasis to the system and elevate you to a higher feeling of health and alignment for your life. We can all seek healing for many reasons in our lives as our journey of learning is never complete and so your needs are unique to you.